"Kathryn Stanko's woven jewelry (inspired by water and plants) are pure flights of fancy."

Mary Thomas, Art Critic, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Kathryn Scimone Stanko draws inspiration for sculptural adornment and artistry from her
travels, study, and teaching of East Asia and Africa. She has a master's degree in secondary
education and is a seminar graduate of NCTA, the National Consortium for Teaching About
Asia. She is curator for the art of Pennsylvania Impressionist John Pierce Barnes (1893-1954)
and is currently working on a book about his life and art. A native of New York, Kathryn resides
in Pennsylvania where she is a member of the Fiberarts Guild and the Associated Artists of
Her commissioned works include gifts for the 2009 Pittsburgh G20 Summit.
MetaLace jewelry is created from hand-woven sterling, gold, and copper, accented with
semi-precious stones and pearls.
As a metaphor for the culminating effect of life experiences, MetaLace is order out of
chaos, beauty out of brokenness.
MetaLace exemplifies this in the creation of unorganized, twisted metal into works of
order, shape, beauty, and purpose.