My first experiments with photography at the age of nine were like entering a world of magic. How was this process possible? I could now share with others how I saw the world and the beauty around me. 

I was later to study art at college before specialising in photography. 

I began my working life in a portrait studio, which followed a strict photographic formula, so there was little room for experimentation. 

Luckily, my career path took me into photojournalism for the US military in West Germany, which was far more exciting. 

After returning to the UK in 1989, my focus was on creating my book, Ever Herself:

These days, I am fortunate enough to be able to simply shoot whatever catches my attention. 

Creating wonderful living spaces with my images has brought me immense fulfilment. 

Interior design can have such a powerful effect on one’s wellbeing – how wonderful to be part of that process. 

With the new technology of metal prints, which are durable, glass-free and safe, framed or floating, a whole new visual experience of room design has opened up.

Let’s create these spaces together…